"I'm feeling deeply grateful for the experience with Eli. The workshop left me touched, moved and nourished at the deepest. I never had a weekend where I felt I have given and received so much. The experiences of the support of a strong group that wants the best for each other, and the exercises to stay open at my edge and fully be, will be with me forever."     

Tomas - Austria

“The workshop was a beautiful and deeply inspiring journey into my inner Self and into the realms of genuine and authentic connection with both men and women. I discovered a new and very profound way of connecting with myself and being open to others. An extraordinary workshop led by a very inspiring and genuine man that will certainly move and touch you. Highly recommended!”     

Sonia - Berlin

"These two workshops I attended with Eli were intense, connecting, opening and challenging at the same time. What amazes me is the sensitivity with which Eli is navigating this delicate mix to the edges, staying there, relaxing into and then move beyond. I was there and I stayed because I trust Eli, each time seeing more of the deep calling and dedication to giving all, every moment, based on profound and embodied experience. After the workshops I was always worked out, softened, more connected with my partner and the rest of life. It is a juicy ride through a landscape with volcanoes, thunderstorms, rough and smooth seas, deepening that what it means to be human, i feel."

Frank - Berlin

"I am still buzzing from the weekend.  Eli guided us into a mysteriously deep place with each other.  I felt challenged, but also held and cared for. Eli listened to the group and responded to what he heard people saying, it became like a relationship - living and breathing.  I wish all men could hold still and listen like this with such care and responsiveness, and stay strong and safe.  Finally I got a taste of where relationship can take me. It feels delicious, I want more.....thank you Eli."     

Helen - London