Eli Buren offers embodiment and awareness teachings—that bring into focus a wider spectrum of relationship.

The mysterious nature of the world we live in, given enough attention, seems to exceed our senses in every direction…

Breath—the basic capacity to receive and release vital qualities that sustain life—is where we begin. The journey of ever-refining subtlety, heart, and awareness is where we are going. There is an infinite spectrum of potential to be cultivated and offered between these two points, whether in heated conversation, the gentle touch of a hand, a dedicated career, or a dynamic intimate relationship. Each moment, from now until our last breath, presents an opportunity to elevate, and artfully participate with, what is.

Intensives, coaching, and speaking engagements with Eli are dedicated to the process of opening and deepening into the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. You will be uniquely engaged while exploring a set of evolving themes that naturally develop sensitivity in the body and awaken presence. Not in the endeavor to reach a heightened state where "difficulties" cease. But, to actively meet life, bringing more love, clarity and sincerity into your being and the rooms of activity that hold your attention.