Wade beyond the surface ripples of mindless routine, false security, and endless tasks... dive into the deep mystery of being. And from that great ocean, re-engage life with a finer tuned awareness, sensitivity, and capacity in meeting the moment from a place of genuine responsibility, love, and authenticity.

Trainings with Eli are offered in a strong spirit of integrity, humor, and heart. Bringing newly developed practices as well as tried and tested forms of cultivating depth, openness, and direction.

  • Learn how to stay anchored in the depth of your being.
  • Practice direct and honest reflection to serve both your own and other men's growth.
  • Train in breathing exercises to relax and deepen your awareness.
  • Understand the dynamics of sexual polarity and how it influences your intimate life, from attracting the partner you desire to deepening your chosen relationship.
  • Strengthen the warrior aspect of your being, and learn how to move into action with grace and vulnerable force.
  • Develop the ability to exercise steady presence during emotional intensity and worldly chaos.
  • Celebrate what is great, inspect what is outdated, and identify what the next step is in yourself and others.


Note: Not for the faint of heart. The weekend offers a full spectrum of experiences aimed to stretch, challenge, support, and inspire deep laughter.

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