As embodied beings, we are surrounded and sustained in a constant flow of elements and energy that inform our every movement and gesture. Learning to see and skillfully navigate these currents, profoundly influences how we experience and are experienced in our day-to-day living.

The Elemental Immersion is focused on bringing attention to the subtler dimensions of being and developing a more spacious capacity for intimacy with self, humans, and nature. Rest into what you inherently know and trust, transitioning that fullness back into your life, into you work, your family, your relationships, your bodily wellbeing, and your moment-to-moment state.

In this Immersion:

  • Journey into the high desert terrain of Zion National Park within a group of strong and dynamic men.
  • Heighten and expand awareness of movement, generating clarity and confidence into your actions.
  • Bask in the beauty and intensity of a very awake place, similarly noticing and exploring the back country of your own internal landscapes.
  • Connect with the core of your being in ways that will continue to be available to you the rest of your life.
  • Become more aware of the process of meeting and navigating the continually changing currents of experience.
  • Find a natural dynamic between engaging conversation and silent solo time.
  • Create a more intimate relationship with what challenges you and that which you avoid feeling.
  • Give and receive reflections, from a place of genuine regard.
  • Enter focused considerations, unpacking patterns of life that tend to get congested and go unaddressed.
  • Step beyond the "often" rigid structure of men's exercises, to a more natural spontaneity that is part of your masculine genius.
  • Celebrate, tussle with brothers in humor, and forge bonds that can last a lifetime.


May 8th till May 15th - 1:30PM pick up/drop off at McCarran International Airport Las Vegas. Transportation to and from the valley will be provided from there.


Kolob Terrace region of Zion National Park - in a pristine, very remote, and privately owned valley, far from main tourist activities.


$1400 - Includes food, transportation and camping.


By application only, email for details, with questions about the Immersion, and to apply.

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