Awakening into Intimacy is an invitation: to open, fully meeting the great magnitude of this moment individually and with others. To embody and give your gifts as deeply and artfully as your human vehicle allows.  

Intimacy is often experienced as touch, emotion or contact; a potent force to be shared between friends, family, and intimate partners — as we celebrate and suffer these dances, we start to intuit another connection to be honored — a bond of intimacy with life that is shared, but not dependent on another.

Throughout these two days you will be invited and challenged to awaken your senses to a larger spectrum of being: where the skill, depth, and care with which you engage every moment directly impacts your openness and presence — ultimately, how your loved ones experience you in relationship.

During this workshop:

  • Relax the heart's habitual guard and enter a more nuanced conversation between yourself and another.

  • Cultivate your art of intimacy through creativity, movement, and un-distracted attention.

  • Explore and expand the range of your personal expression, traversing light to shadow, subtle to bold.

  • Deepen the quality, tone, and texture of the breath you bring into all areas of life.

  • Clarify and embody the fundamentals of practice: to discern when your evolution requires nurturing, or demands leaning into edges.

  • Understand the dynamic play of consciousness and energy, which lives through all things and is continually revealed in his and her bodies.

  • Experience how your every gesture uplifts or disturbs the web of life in which you exist.

Note: Open to all genders, both couples and individual participants. There is no nudity or explicit sexual touching in the workshop. A strong container is held with integrity, clarity and heart.

Saturday, June 29th 9:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday, June 30th 9:00am - 6:00pm

Angelspace - 28 St. Albans Pl. - Angel, Islington - London N1 0NX


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