Awakening into Intimacy is an invitation: To consciously open into the great magnitude of this moment, with another. To embody and offer your gifts as brightly and deeply as your vehicle allows. 

Relax the heart's habitual guard and engage the art of intimacy through your breath, movement, and undivided attention. The dynamic dance of consciousness and energy lives through all things and is continually revealed in his and her bodies as we learn to open and to be opened, by each other, and by life itself.

During this retreat:

  • Deepen the quality of breath you bring into all areas of life.
  • Cultivate and know the masculine/feminine essences that create or diminish polarity. 
  • Explore and expand the range of your personal expression, traversing light to shadow, subtle to bold.
  • Understand and embody the fundamentals of practice to continue growing your sexual yoga within open-hearted intimacy. 
  • Clarify the demonstration of consciousness and articulate the shine of light.
  • Learn where you resist life energy and how to navigate through habitual closures.
  • Experience how your every gesture touches the web of life in  which you exist.

Note: Open to all genders, both couples and individual participants. There is no nudity or explicit sexual touching in the workshop. A strong container is held with integrity, clarity and heart. This is a safe context to practice and develop artistry, to stretch into new spectrums of being, and relax into your core essence.


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