Awakening To Intimacy

For Men & Women

The natural and dynamic play of energies between men, women, and all things, is recognized and related to with ever evolving sensitivity as we grow. The physical body and total being intuits this connection and longs for real depth of intimacy and love in relationship. To touch and to be touched, by each other, and by life itself.

Our true gifts, happiness, and well-being are cultivated with-in this dynamic engagement and energetic fabric of relationship, with one-another, ourselves, and the world. Join us in this heart-full exploration of these themes and more.

During this workshop:

  • Explore the range of your personal expression, allowing greater freedom and sensitivity in your relations.
  • Consider how to artfully and responsibly conduct your sexual energy in relationship and the world.
  • Develop deeper heart awareness of your surroundings and the beings that live in them.
  • Cultivate and play with the masculine/feminine essences in your own body and beyond.
  • Learn where you resist life energy and how to navigate through habitual closures.
  • Slow down, breathe, and remember the tremendous nature of this moment and how your every gesture touches the web of life in which you exist.

Note: Open to both couples and individual participants. A strong container of practice is held and we are dedicated to the highest degree of safety, clarity, and integrity for all workshop participants

Free-diving Into Depth

For Men


Wade beyond the surface ripples of mindless routine, false security, and endless tasks... dive into the deep mystery of being. And from that great ocean, re-engage life with a finer tuned awareness, sensitivity, and capacity in meeting the moment from a place of genuine responsibility, love, and authenticity.

Trainings with Eli are offered in a strong spirit of integrity, humor, and heart. Bringing newly developed practices as well as tried and tested forms of cultivating depth, openness, and direction.

During this workshop:

  • Learn how to stay anchored in the depth of your being.
  • Practice direct and honest reflection to serve both your own and other men's growth.
  • Train in breathing exercises to relax and deepen your awareness.
  • Understand the dynamics of sexual polarity and how it influences your intimate life, from attracting the partner you desire to deepening your chosen relationship.
  • Strengthen the warrior aspect of your being, and learn how to move into action with grace and vulnerable force.
  • Develop the ability to exercise steady presence during emotional intensity and worldly chaos.
  • Celebrate what is great, inspect what is outdated, and identify what the next step is in yourself and others.

Note: Not for the faint of heart. The weekend offers a full spectrum of experiences aimed to stretch, challenge, support, and inspire deep laughter.